Student Senior Projects 2023

Featuring a shared program of three Senior Projects directed by Moriah Costa (Dance), Maya Pratt-Bauman (Acting), and Phi Tran (Acting)

Thursday, March 16, 2023 to Saturday, March 18, 2023
IVES 119

Senior Projects have been some of the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance’s most exciting events! Seniors apply to direct, choreograph and produce their creative visions in collaboration with their peers from Acting, Dance, Technical Theatre and Theatre Studies. This year will feature: Moriah Costa's dance work, Her, Maya Pratt-Bauman's short play, Moving Through Grief, and Phi Tran's short play, The PTA Meeting.

Senior Projects 2023 Digital Program

Her. Images of women in black and white in tv screensHer.
by Moriah Costa

Her. Is an exploration through dance of movement, memory, and human connection through the female gaze. The work utilizes various artistic mediums as well as technology to communicate the individual and collective stories of the women featured in the work to build connections and relationships with those in touch with their personal femininity, and anyone who has deeply known or loved a women…….

Content Advisory: This project includes intense flashing lights through projection.

Moving Through Grief on watercolor artMoving Through Grief
by Maya Pratt-Bauman

Moving Through Grief is comprised of eight short plays centered around loss. Each plays with the idea of how we deal with grief, how we move through it, or how it controls us.The goal of this piece is to open the door for conversations about difficult emotions.

Project Content Warning:
This project includes the following topics: depression, death, grief, anxiety, and mental abuse. There are depictions of drowning. If any of these topics bring extreme discomfort please feel free to exit.

The PTA Meeting by Phi Tran on a school classroom backgroundThe PTA Meeting
by Phi Tran

Taking place in the quiet town of Soda Springs, Idaho, The PTA Meeting takes a peek into the lives of three men: Milo, Damian, and Sebastian. They have led Thirkhill Elementary's Parent Teacher Association for years, working together seamlessly to keep their community running smoothly. All is well until tragedy strikes and rips through the town. Bonds are broken, trust is tested, and emotions are weaponized as they fight for their humanity.

Project Content Warning:
This project includes explicit description of suicide and gun violence as well as topics of child loss, depression, and mental health issues.

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