Farrah McAdam

Dance Program

Farrah McAdam
PE1A or Zoom
Available By Appointment Only

I teach and support the Dance program and the THAR department at large, hopping around in Hip Hop/Street Styles, Dances of the World, Dance Fundamentals, Dance For Everybody (GE),  and directing/collaborating recent productions. 


Farrah McAdam is entering her fifth year of teaching at Sonoma State University and is an educator, performer, and choreographer around Northern California. She has performed with CALI&CO Dance, Kristen Daley, Nichele Van Portfleet, PULP Dance, Take 5, and Good Fortune, and has been honored to perform at ACDA’s 2016 Nationals at The Kennedy Center. Farrah premiered two recent works:  “held”(2020),  and “code em” (2018): both featured a BIPOC collaborative cast and examined the systems in which humans both create and move through, and the humanity through joy, loss, and all the in-between. 

Throughout her life, Farrah has found herself naturally drawn to moments of teaching and sharing. From a young age, she experienced being a teacher’s assistant, substitute teacher, captain of the South High Dance Team and consistently leading the after school training program “Junior Spartans”.  During her time at Sonoma State, she helped co-found Blue Baronz Dance Club, helped freshman transition as a Peer Mentor and trained to help facilitate the Collaborative Autism Training and Support Program in the Psychology department. Working with youth and dance has always been a part of her identity; now Farrah strives to not only provide safe spaces for children (physically and the ones at heart) to express through movement, but a thorough one where history and critical thinking are investigated just as much. 

Farrah has taught and choreographed around the West Region including Arizona State University, Scottsdale Community College, Modesto Community College, San Jose State, Fresno State University, Sonoma State University, and ODC in San Francisco. As an educator, Farrah loves using her experiences and gatherings to provide juicy classes full of passion and learning. She currently teaches through Petaluma School of Ballet, Luther Burbank Center, and Sonoma State University, and holds a BA in both Psychology and Theatre Arts & Dance with a Dance concentration.