Masking in Place

June 15, 2020
Sonoma State University, Masking in Place, Spring 2020, THAR 320D

The final project for THAR 320D created a video together during the final weeks of the semester. The acting course focuses on masked performance and the practice, methods and history of the Italian commedia dell'arte. Students studied the use of the mask, traditional characters and scenes, and the impact of the form on dramatic art ranging from Shakespeare and Moliere to contemporary Broadway plays and television sitcoms. For this assignment, the task was to create a character with or without a mask and perform traditional or originallazzi (comic bits) using a bottle. The videos were then sequenced and edited together by Dr. Ott and graduating senior Riley Spindler. 

*WARNING Age appropriate for 18+ due to some scatalogica moments. 

SSU Thar 320 Bottle Lazzi Compilation