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Cast members Armando Ramos, Ally Liberty, Laura Odeh Steele, Jim Marchbanks, Josiah Pel, Robert Wiles, Mariah Forster, Jarrett Galante, Declan Downing, Stage Manager Elise Clark...Read the full story >

Book cover of "Latinx Actor Training"

Marie Ramirez Downing, Assistant Professor and Director of the Acting Program for the Department of Theatre Arts & Dance, recently authored a chapter in a...Read the full story >

Welcome to SSU Theatre Arts & Dance, Where the Artist is Essential

The Department of Theatre Arts and Dance offers students a home where they can seek their potential and develop their voices as artists, through the study and collaborative creation of live performance. We believe in a world where the artist is transformative, essential and engaged.

Our programs develop graduates who bring optimistic leadership and vision to the performing arts. They stand on these core principles:

Student centered - We believe first and foremost in creating experiences that serve our students’ needs and passions.

Rigorous - We believe that performance training can inspire us to the highest standards of professionalism and personal achievement.

Engaging - We believe in making work that has value beyond the dance and theatre world and directly engages our campus and local community.