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Byb, an MFA graduate and award winner is a dance educator, choreographer and performer working in theater, African ethnic, urban, and contemporary dance forms. His own technical and aesthetic sensibility is rooted in the culture and dances of his country of origin, the Republic of Congo. He has toured the world and performed internationally with companies and choreographers originating from Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA. Bibene owns a BS, Economics/Finances and a MF from Marien Ngouabi University/Congo, an MFA in Dance Creative Practice, earning the Dean’s award for Academic Excellence from Saint Mary's College of California. He is the artistic Director of Kiandanda Dance Theater and Mbongui Square Festival.

Outside of his professional careers of Theater and Dance, Bibene has a passion for writing. He is author of numerous poetry and shorts and winner of poetry contests.

Bibene is the facilitator of the monthly Talk series called Tracing Africa Circle-African Dance Histories and Philosophies.