Evert B. Person Theatre

Evert B. Person Theater

Opened in 1989, Evert B. Person Theater is a 475 seat proscenium thrust theater located near the main entrance of campus on E. Cotati Avenue. Person Theater is a fully ADA compatible building for both audience members and performers. The performance space is a flexible theater, dance, opera/musical, and presentation venue. 

Ives Hall

Ives Hall

Ives Hall, located on the southeast side of campus hosts a variety of rooms for the theatre arts and dance programs:  Ives 101 Warren Auditorium, Ives 76 Studio, Ives 119 Studio, Ives 80 Dance Studio, Ives 113 Dressing Room, and Ives 32 Walford Recording Studio.

Warren Auditorium

Warren Auditiorium

Located in Ives 101 on the first floor of Ives Hall, Warren Auditorium was one of the first buildings constructed in the 1960s. This room is one of the original rooms for hosting performing arts shows. After extensive renovations in 2006, this room became a large hall for hosting lectures. 

Walford Recording Studio

Walford Studio

Walford Studio, located in Ives Hall 32, is a recording studio available for students registered in a Recording Class. This studio is newly renovated with high level, state of the art recording equipment, consisting of Pro Tools, Rednet digital audio network, and studio microphones/accessories. This studio is fit to host studio recording sessions for student lab assignments. 

Schroeder Hall


Opened in 2014, Schroeder hall is a 240 seat cathedral-like recital hall that is designed to accentuate instruments, organ, and voice in an intimate setting. Schroeder hall was named in 2007 by Jean Schulz after Charlie Brown's Beethoven-loving, piano playing friend in order to honor her late husband Charles Schulz and his iconic comic strip: Charlie Brown and Friends.