Farrah McAdam

Dance Program

Farrah McAdam
PE1A or Zoom
Available By Appointment Only

I teach and support the Dance program and the THAR department at large, hopping around in Hip Hop/Street Styles, Dances of the World, Dance Fundamentals, Dance For Everybody (GE),  and directing/collaborating recent productions. 


Calling on her 20+ years of widespread movement experiences and gatherings, Farrah McAdam is a dance educator, choreographer, facilitator, and artist in the Bay Area who is invested in equitable, collaborative environments where history and critical thinking are investigated just as much as physical embodiments.

Farrah has performed with CALI&CO, Liz Lerman, Kristen Daley, Cookie Harrist, Jenna Valez, Abigail Mytych, Take 5/Good Fortune, multiple works at American College Dance Association’s West Region’s Gala Concerts, and the ACDA’s National Concert at the Kennedy Center. She currently teaches through Sonoma State University and the Luther Burbank Center and has been a guest educator and choreographer around the West Region- including Arizona State University, Scottsdale Community College, UC Irvine, Modesto Community College, San Jose State, Fresno State University, Marin School of the Arts, Prescott Circus Theatre, Sonoma State University, and ODC in San Francisco.

Farrah holds a B.A. in both Psychology and Dance and is currently pursuing certification through Rennie Harris University’s inaugural cohort as a C1 Candidate.