Theatre Arts and Dance Students Respond to Social Distancing

"Mixed Feelings" from THAR 301 Dance Ensemble
April 13, 2020
"Mixed Feelings" dance piece

"Mixed Feelings"

In an effort to adapt to our current need for distancing, Spring Dance Concert 2020 co-directors Profs. Christine Cali and Kristen Daley have given their students an assignment known as ekphrasis: a literary description of OR commentary on a visual work of art.

In this video, THAR 301 Dance Ensemble student Daya Buttler responds to her involvement in "Mixed Feelings" by guest choreographer Farrah McAdam. Students are making new art pieces in response to the creative process and development of the Spring Dance pieces they were cast in. Here is a poignant example of how our students are adapting and navigating during this unprecedented time.